Saurial once-companion to Artus Cimber


Dragonbait stands roughly five feet in height, not counting the troglodyte-like head fin, though that is only in consequence to his posture, being canted forward at the hips, and balanced by a tail near long as his torso. His mouth is thinner and more rounded than the lizard-men of Faerûn, lipless to show sharp teeth to the fore and rounded molars to the rear. His scales are small and smooth, like beadwork.

Saurials do actually speak Draconic, but their voices are naturally pitched too high for most humanoids to hear. They punctuate their speech with scents that define emotions. Dragons and some fey can hear saurial voices (although fey don’t necessarily understand Draconic) and can understand the emotions associated with the scents created by the saurial race. Other creatures can interpret some of the common stronger scents to understand the creature’s mood: brimstone means confusion, roses mean sadness, lemons mean pleasure or joy, baked bread means anger, violets mean danger or fear, honeysuckle means tenderness, wood smoke means devotion or piety, tar means victory, and ham means nervousness or worry.


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