Ferros Dechanka

Tiefling Fighter


A punctual seeker of information, Ferros comes from lands far away to find any knowledge possible. As a Tiefling, he may seem more intimidating than he actually is: anyone who can supply knowledge is an ally, and those who hinder him are his enemy.

He has some semblance of compassion for others, but often it is for selfish gains. Even with all this, he despises killing. At any point, he will attempt to avoid taking the life of anything that isn’t devoid of it.

As a former librarian and current researcher, he’s quick to point out where to find information and what the information may hold.

He tends to wear his common clothes (depicted in the icon) when not fighting, but has armor for when the time is necessary. Trained in fighting to further his quest for absolute knowledge of the multiverse, Ferros knows no bounds.

Ferros Dechanka

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