Purple Dragonborn Mystic - DECEASED


Prince Nyrziothyst Von Helleborus, “Zeon” for short.

DECEASED: Fell from Firefinger to his death. Soul currently ensnared by the Soulmonger.


Royalty from Relmaur, heir to a seat on the Crown Council. His parents were very loving and supported him in most of what he wanted to do, although keeping him out of harm’s way by sheltering him. Zeon was born with an odd talent, while most of his family were mystics, able to perform seemingly magical abilities without magical energy. What set him aside from his heritage was that he was able to manifest this ‘psionic’ energy into a physical form that extended from his wrists in the form of long rapier-like blades. His parents decided that he should hone and master his unique abilities, sending him off to a mentor to learn how to use them effectively. Confusing to the mentor and the dragonborn himself all they could really do was learn techniques. After many years of either learning about diplomacy and sword fighting, he realized that he doesn’t have any social skills. When his parents deemed him mature enough to be on his own, they let him leave at the age of 20. He wanted to find out himself, learn who he was and wanted to be. Along the way he wished to learn more about his psionic blades. One day he hopes to return home, and take his place among the Crown Council. He wishes to have the power and knowledge to keep that seat as well.


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